1. What makes Chad Jackson Painting Inc. different from other companies?

    • Our company will offer other services other than just painting. We are an accredited member and meet the standards of the better Business Bureau. Our company takes pride in not overselling a customer service or products they don’t need.

  3. Is it really necessary to seal or prime the exterior of a house before painting?

    • It’s extremely important to seal and prime an exterior surface before painting.Besides giving the paint better adhesion to the surface, the factory warranty of the paint will not be upheld without it.

  5. What do you suggest for painting garage floors?

    • I suggest a two- part Epoxy. It’s durable and longer lasting and has an option of decorative flakes to hide imperfections. There are several different colors to choose from.

  7. Can you still get a quality paint job without buying the most expensive paint?

    • Yes, without a question. I use a product that carries a 15 year warranty on durability that would work well but that would be the lowest grade of paint I would use on exteriors.

  9. Can you paint over ceramic wall tile and Formica cabinets?

    • Yes you can. The most important part of the process is prepping the surface and using a good primer. If you don’t use the correct primer, the job will fail no matter how expensive a paint you put on for the finfish coat.

  11. In the case of exterior finishes, what is better, flat or satin?

    • I always suggest satin finish. It’s easier to keep clean and I prefer the look of it when finished. It’s really your own preference. Some people prefer high gloss and some like a flat finish.

  13. Can you paint Latex paint over Oil based products?

    • Yes you can. Once again it comes down to the proper prepping and priming of the surface before you apply the finish coat.

  15. Is it possible to paint over wall paper instead of removing it?

    • Technically, yes you can. If you prime it well and use the correct product. I personally never do it because you can’t be sure the paper won’t peel up at one of the seams. I suggest one of two things. 1- Remove the paper, repair the walls and apply texture. 2- Have the paper removed and put up new paper. These are your two best options.